Licensed Smokey Bear Products

Collectors' Items and Specials

Check the items below that are reduced in price or no longer offered in our catalog. Please browse our online catalog at your leisure, or request a print catalog.
SB-200 70th Anniv T w/Pocket (Ash) $10.95 Choose Options
SB-215 Youth 70th Logo T-Shirt $7.95 Choose Options
SB-227 Get Your Smokey On T-Shirt $11.95 Choose Options
SB-291 Long Slv Pajama Top $12.95 Choose Options
M-672 Female Firefighter Bronze $163.00
LC-449 Mystery of Lost Trail Pass $4.00
LC-450 'The Trail' VHS $15.95
LC-470 RIVERSONG Tape $2.50
LC-710 Seaman Keychain $4.50
LC-742 Collector's spoon $3.95
WRAP Gift Wrapping Service $3.00 Choose Options
M-515 GIFT Certificate $1.00
LC-22N Polo Shirt (Navy) $12.95 Choose Options
LC-22R Polo Shirt (Red) $12.95 Choose Options
LC-22W Polo Shirt (White) $12.95 Choose Options
LC-705 L&C Embr Totebag $9.95
B-446 Adk High Peaks Diary $4.00
SB-51 1995 Smokey Buckle $23.00
B-444 A Rebel on the Road $15.95

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