Licensed Smokey Bear Products

Collectors' Items and Specials

Check the items below that are reduced in price or no longer offered in our catalog. Please browse our online catalog at your leisure, or request a print catalog.
SB-829 Smokey Hopper Car $10.50
SB-831 Smokey Gondola Car $9.95
SB-860 60th Boxcar (N Scale) $13.90
SB-861 Z Scale 60th Boxcar $16.85
SB-863 RR Car #1 Poster Series $11.50
SB-867 RR Car #5 Poster Series $11.50
SB-868 RR Car #6 Poster Series $11.50
M-772 Learned from Trees .. Mug $9.95
SB-513 Red Smokey Bear Plate $19.95
SB-514 Green Smokey Bear Plate $19.95
SB-515 Yellow Smokey Bear Plate $19.95
SB-621 "OK Along ..Trail" Square Plate $19.95
SB-622 "Ten-Four..." Square Plate $19.95
SB-623 "Trees Are ..Friends" Square Plate $19.95
SB-624 "Trees Give Us..." Square Plate $19.95
SB-679 2017 Calendar Tea Towel $9.95
SB-698 1998 (& 2015!) Smokey Calendar $6.95
SB-802 Giant Wall Clinger $15.95
WO-281 Long Sleeve Top $12.95 Choose Options
WO-214 Adult Shared Air T-Shirt $11.95 Choose Options

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