Licensed Smokey Bear Products

Collectors' Items and Specials

Check the items below that are reduced in price or no longer offered in our catalog. Please browse our online catalog at your leisure, or request a print catalog.
SB-215 Smokey's Lead T-Shirt $9.95 Choose Options
SB-235 Emb. Fleece Vest $39.95 Choose Options
M-275 Tree Wisdom T-shirt $12.95 Choose Options
SB-150 50th Logo Pin $2.50
SB-861 Z Scale 60th Boxcar $16.85
SB-863 RR Car #1 Poster Series $11.50
SB-698 1998 Smokey Calendar $6.95
SB-200 Smokey's 75th Birthday T-Shirt $12.95 Choose Options
SB-201 Smokey's Big 75th Logo T-Shirt $11.95 Choose Options
SB-205 75th Birthday Sweatshirt $22.00 Choose Options
SB-216 Youth's 75th T-Shirt $7.40 Choose Options
SB-372 2 1/2" 75th Magnet $1.25
SB-220 'Protect Our Homes' T-Shirt $10.95 Choose Options
SB-H White 75th Patch $3.50
SB-625 Desktop Shadowbox $35.00
SB-275 75th Anniv. Pocket T-Shirt $9.95 Choose Options
SB-660 1942 Willys MB Jeep $9.99
SB-661 1965 Dodge D-100 Pickup $9.99
SB-662 1967 Ford Bronco $9.99
SB-664 1984 Chevy C20 Truck $9.99

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